Spotlight: Carl R. Scott

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A friend of mine works at a medical marijuana dispensary on Pico that I hang out in sometimes and one of the security guards is a very entertaining older guy named Carl. One day I was hanging out there at the end of Carl’s shift my friend Stephanie gave me a little secret intel that he tries to keep under the table.
It started when we were talking about what would happen if somebody tried to rob the club; the simple answer is that Carl would kill them with his awesome kung-fu skills.
Apparently my friend Carl Scott is actually a kung-fu master that still teaches martial arts when he’s not protecting the dispensary. Not only is he a kung-fu master, but he was a kung-fu movie star! This is what really startled me, so of course I had to look him up on google; and this is what I found:
Carl Scott had a short but memorable career in Hong Kong films.

“Practicing martial arts since he was a young child, Carl was an extra in Bruce Lee:
The Man, the Myth (filmed in America). Carl’s skills impressed the producers, who
brought him to Hong Kong for their next Bruce Li picture, Last Strike (1978).
He and Bruce Li were the two main protagonists in the movie which also starred Shaw
Brothers stars Lo Meng and Ku Feng and had multiple endings filmed. He also fought
present and future legends such as Yuen Biao, Corey Yuen Kwai, and members of the
Yuen clan. He was only a teenager at the time.

After this Carl Scott starred with Billy Chong in Kung Fu Executioner, which not only
showcased Carl’s impressive knowledge of Chinese kung fu but also his weapons ability,
particularly with the nunchaku. The duo’s next film was Sun Dragon, shot on
location in Phoenix, Arizona, and featuring a fight between Carl and 1979 World
Kickboxing Champion Louis Neglia.
Though Carl Scott and Billy Chong only made two films together, their on-screen
partnership remains uppermost in the minds of kung fu movie audiences worldwide.”


Some Awesome 70s Ads

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Im spending my weekend in Eugene, Oregon to visit some friends at the University of Oregon so this week is duck themed.
Something I noticed about Oregon as soon as I landed in Portland was the difference in advertising. In LA you see millions of billboards for The Lap Band, new movies and TV shows and new strip clubs opening up down your street. The few billboards I’ve seen in Oregon are for things you would assume people from Oregon would need more, like tractors and boots instead of how to cure your gambling addiction.
Another huge difference is just the whole campus environment. The University of Oregon makes up most of the city of Eugene so walking around campus is a whole different experience than walking around Santa Monica, or San Rafael for that matter. Everything in Eugene is related to the University in some way or another. If a restaurant isn’t duck themed in some way they at least have a big “O” in the window. This morning I walked around looking at all the posters and flyers put up by Oregon students or staff. I saw a poster last night on a lamp post warning about the dangers of Facebook stalking. My favorite thing was a poster on the wall above the urinals in my friends dorm. It was almost a whole newspaper called toilet talk, very creative, and I did read it. If I wasnt so hung over I’d probably post more plus a movie of the week or something but forget that.

March Madness

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If you are not aware, every year March hosts the NCAA Basketball Championship also known as March Madness. As I spent countless hours watching the tournament pondering how Kansas could get taken out by Northern Iowa Country Day School, I also noticed something about the ads being shown. Now, if I had cable I probably would have noticed this sooner but as it happens I just noticed it now. During the entire tournament, I did not see a single commercial that featured a woman (unless she was a cute housewife). Im sure the obvious reason for this is the demographics of the March Madness viewers. Although I’m sure channels like ESPN do this every day, you wouldn’t normally see it on the bigger networks. As I kept watching the tournament I noticed a few products that showed a commercial every break; Trucks, Beer, Burgers and Deodorant. Each of these commercials was obviously intended for men. I don’t think Yoplait or Tide was running to get commercial spots during March Madness.

Last night after an insanely funny new episode of South Park, I watched the new movie I got in Netflix, Hard Candy. I added this to my queue because I found it on a few lists of epic/intense movies. Hard Candy is about a young girl (Ellen Page) who gets into an online relationship with an older man. They decide to meet up and go back to his place. He lets the underage Page have a few drinks as he sweet talks her and tells her about his photography career. As it turns out, Page knows exactly what shes getting into and drugs the pedophile. Maybe a little less than half way through the movie the man wakes up tied to a chair. The rest of the movie is dialogue between the man and his captor. The man pleads for his life, refusing to admit any guilt as Page ransacks his house. I won’t ruin the ending but in summation, A man invites an underage girl over to his apartment to possibly molest, but instead, the girl has HER way with the man
Overall I would give it a B+

Oscar Blog

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I can’t really talk about the Oscars because I wasn’t really watching them (Saving Private Ryan was on TNT)
but one thing I did notice when I tuned in near the beginning was a commercial for the iPad. I’ve seen the video online but this was the first time I saw a TV commercial for it. I figured the reason for this was that the Academy Awards is one of the only television shows that is almost guaranteed to reach a good number of people that actually have the money to spend on useless gadgets like a giant iPhone that you can’t call people on.

This new post is a good excuse to post a music video

Lets Talk About Maury for a Minute

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If you have never seen the Maury Povich show you are definitely missing out on a quality television experience. The Maury show started around the same time a lot of these other “talk” shows were popping up. Basically the idea for the Maury show was to make a new Jerry Springer show they could market to people with teeth. The only difference is at the end of the Maury show most people still have their shirts on.
One of the main reasons people go on the Maury show is to accuse someone of being the father of their child and the get a free paternity test done to prove it. As you can imagine most of these shows are the same, they go something like this:
“Maury, I haven’t been with any other men since me and Aaron broke up. I am 136% sure the baby is his”
“No way is that my baby Maury. Its got curly hair Maury. That baby looks like the mailman to me, Maury”
“How can you deny our child? How can you not love him or me! I hate you, you’re an @$$hole!”
“Maury I’m gonna be real with you. If that baby’s mine, I’ll do all I can to take care of it and provide for it. but she a hoe Maury, that aint my baby”

Then Maury goes and gets the all-powerful envelope where he has the results to the paternity test.
Right now one of two things happens”

1. Maury says, “Aaron…you ARE the father.”
This is where the audience starts cheering and the girl gets up to start yelling “I told you so” into the man’s face.
Or, if its a better episode you get scenario 2.

2.Maury says, “Aaron…you are NOT the father”
This is where the guys jumps about 6 feet out of his chair to start celebrating the victory over this hoe thats been harassing him about baby mama drama for months.
At the same time the girl runs backstage crying where Maury follows her to rub it in to her face more that she still doesn’t know the father of her baby. But its ok, because Maury offers her a chance to find the father and come back for another episode that will play out exactly the same way!

The Maury show is on at 2 o’clock every afternoon which makes it the epitome of daytime television. One of the other things I’ve noticed while watching the Maury show is the commercials they show every day. Not only is this where I have to see the Everest commercial 10 times in an hour but I’m also bombarded with tons of other commercials trying to get me to attend their vocational school. (Cordon Bleu University would be pretty tight)
You also get the regular stream of other daytime tv ads for the Law Offices of so-and-so and

Movies I Watched This Week:
Sex Drive (Seth Green plays the funniest Amish man of all time)
The Killing Room
Drag Me To Hell
Lords of Dogtown (RIP Mitch Hedberg and Heath Ledger)
Boyz N Tha Hood
Saving Private Ryan
The Godfather Part II

2/24-3/1 Media Related Activities

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The other day I was watching TV at a friend’s house when the Everest College commercial came on. Now, I don’t know if you’ve seen this commercial but it features a young African American man with a crooked baseball hat on. I think this is a perfect example of a commercial targeting a very specific group of people. I wondered why they would intentionally have the actor turn his hat slightly, and then realized thats what I was focusing on. The crooked hat automatically gave me the impression that this man is unprofessional and doesn’t really have any motivation to succeed. BUT he is going to Everest College, so it must be pretty easy to get into Everest College. This commercial is intended to make you say, “Well if this obviously under-qualified and unmotivated person can do it, so can I!

Also, while I was driving down to San Diego this weekend I saw a huge sign in I think Lawndale advertising a radio station. It was a huge structure on the side of the road that had a billboard for the station at the top (100.7?) and an electronic sign underneath that showed what song was playing on that station right now. The current song happened to be “With a Little Help From My Friends” by Joe Cocker which I’ve liked since I used to watch the Wonder Years when I was a kid. So that electronic sign successfully added at least one more listener.

Movies I Watched this Week:
Dude, Where’s My Car?
Weekend at Bernie’s (overrated 80’s comedy)
Mean Girls (the only good chick flick)
Jackass 2
Bubba Ho-Tep (only good because it had Bruce Campbell playing Elvis)
Being John Malkovich
Pineapple Express
House of 1,000 Corpses
Devil’s Rejects (sequel to House of 1,000 Corpses)
Dr. Stangelove or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the
Austin Power: The Spy Who Shagged Me