Movie of the Week: Primer

I’ve been watching movies off a list my friend made for me of good mind-f*@k movies. The latest from the list is a movie called Primer. Primer was made in 2004 and is about the accidental discovery of time travel by to young men. I give this film a lot of credit because it was made with less than $7,000, not unlike Robert Rodriguez’s “El Mariachi.”

“Primer is of note for its extremely low budget, experimental plot structure, philosophical implications, and complex technical dialogue, which Carruth chose not to simplify for the sake of his audience. One reviewer said that “anybody who claims [to] fully understand what’s going on in Primer after seeing it just once is either a savant or a liar.””

The movie is put together in a way that really confuses you. The two main characters are time traveling throughout the movie, which is not revealed until the end. At the end of the movie you get the same effect you get when you watch Memento or Fight Club for the first time. You say “what the hell just happened?”

I recomend this movie if you like confusing your brain.

In case you were wondering, here’s the rest of the mind-f*@k list:
Movies I’ve Watched:
Donnie Darko
2001: A Space Odyssey
Fight Club
The 6th Sense
Waking Life

The Rest of the List:
Mulholland Dr.
Dark City
Jacob’s Ladder
The Quiet Earth
The Jacket
The Machinist
Twelve Monkeys
The Game
A Beautiful Mind

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